Do you ever wonder "What if"? What if I saved a bit more...? What if I spent a bit less...? How quickly could I get out of debt...? What if you could figure it out for free? Well, here's your chance to find out.

Now, we're not accountants or investment gurus or even 'life coaches.' We're just a couple of guys that dream a lot and want to help you dream too. Thanks for visiting and I hope that as you explore, your Interest Grows.

debt snowball calculator

Attack your debts and eliminate them. With debt, interest is growing against you, and the faster you can get out of debt, the better. The debt snowball calculator shows you how.

investment comparison calculator

How much does an interest rate affect an investment? Here you can compare two investments at the same time and change variables such as time, interest rate, and monthly investment to see how interest grows.

what's your treat really cost?

How much does your CD, coffee, or candy bar add up in the long run? How much could you have if you were able to save a certain amount every day, week, or month? This calculator shows what interest can do even on small amounts over a long period of time.