The following resources may be helpful for anyone who is interested in cutting down debt and saving money (like you!).


  • Get Rich Slowly is a useful blog with articles encouraging people how save and cut costs.
  • Dave Ramsey is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and author of several helpful books for getting out of debt.
  • The The Motley Fool is a website full of investment information and tips, along with an active community of investors who want to help each other.


  • Rule of 72. This is a rule that shows how interest grows. Basically you take the interest rate, divide it into 72, and this will give the number of years it will take for the money to double. For example, 6% would double after 12 years (72/6 = 12).
  • The time value of money provides the basis for the concept of interest as people would rather have money now than later.


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